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Service and Justice

NDP’s service and justice programs coexist for two reasons: to address the immediate needs of marginalized populations and to change those systems which inherently prove unjust to individuals, societies, and the world.

Empower girls to become women who transform the world.


Ultimately, direct service, or charity, is an immediate response to suffering and can address individual needs, such as poverty, medical or educational needs, and homelessness.  Justice, or social change, is rooted in advocacy work that seeks to change systemic, structural, or institutional constructs, such as politics and corporate practices.

Both service and justice work are rooted in the Gospel, and both are integral to NDP’s philosophy and the charism of the school’s founding order, the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Interwoven into the school’s academic and spiritual environment, service and justice activities, as the mission states, "empower girls to become women who transform the world."

Hear how service is a way of life at NDP!

Steve Pomplon, NDP's director of service, talks to Comcast Newsmakers about NDP's 40th anniversary of service. Click here to see this spot. #service #ComcastCreative