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College and Personal Counseling

The counselors at Notre Dame Preparatory School work with all students individually, in small groups and in classroom settings to help them achieve academic, personal, college and career goals. Counselors also are available to meet with parents and school staff whenever necessary.


The middle school counselor meets with the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in a classroom setting each week. The curriculum includes developmentally appropriate discussion topics such as adjustment to middle school, issues of early adolescence, academic support and general concerns. A learning resource specialist supports students who have documented learning disabilities and/or who are experiencing academic difficulties in more than one subject. 


Preparing students and families for the college selection and application process is a four-year process. During the student’s freshman year, she is assigned both an academic/personal counselor and a college counselor who follow her for four consecutive years.  This collaborative approach insures that each student has the most comprehensive academic, personal and college preparatory program available in any high school setting. In addition, a learning resource specialist supports students who have documented learning disabilities and/or who are experiencing academic difficulties in more than one subject.


Notre Dame Prep College Counselors work to ensure that NDP students receive the most comprehensive and current assistance regarding the college application and decision process.  By attending national professional conferences, seminars and workshops, they are well informed on topics such as financial aid, college admissions and NCAA eligibility standards. They meet regularly with high school counselors from area independent schools sharing information regarding trends in college admissions. During the year, the college counselors frequently visit college admissions offices to discuss current admissions trends, university admissions requirements, D-1 athletics, financial aid resources and scholarship programs.

NDP's college counselors belong to:

  • National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC)
  • American School Counselors Association (ASCA), and
  • Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS)


NDP’s School Counseling Office uses Naviance for college, career, and academic planning throughout middle and upper school. The Naviance program allows students remote and in-school access for use in seminar classes, personal meetings, and at-home investigation. The School Counseling office also displays a Counseling Resource Board with posted information and self-serve pamphlets regarding topics of particular interest and relatability to the student population. The Counseling Newsletter is published each month with a variety of academic, social, emotional, and college counseling information for all students and parents to investigate. The School Counseling Department welcomes all students and parents with questions concerning the specific personal and college needs of the student.

Counseling Staff

Theresa St. Laurent, Director of Counseling and College Counselor
Class of 2019, G-N 
Class of 2020, G-N 
Class of 2021, G-N
Class of 2022, G-N

410-825-6202 x 1310

Virginia (Ginna) Alderman, Upper Level Personal Counselor 
Class of 2019, A-K
Class of 2020, A-K

Class of 2021, A-K
Class of 2022, A-K

410-825-6202 x 1309
Maryellen Beck, College Counselor
Class of 2019, O-Z
Class of 2020, O-Z

Class of 2021, O-Z
Class of 2022, O-Z

410-825-6202 x 1308 
Vicky Burns, Administrative Assistant
410-825-6202 X 1306
Maureen Walsh, College Counselor
Class of 2019, A-F
Class of 2020, A-F

Class of 2021, A-F
Class of 2022, A-f

410-825-6202 x 1307 
Bridget Gallant , Upper Level Personal Counselor  
Class of 2019, L-Z
Class of 2020, L-Z

Class of 2021, L-Z
Class of 2022, L-Z

410-825-6202 x 1415 
Cecelia McGrain, Middle Level Learning Resource Specialist
410-825-6202 x 1411
Marge Potter, Learning Resource Specialist
410-825-6202 x 1710
Jessica Finkelstein, Middle Level Personal Counselor (grades 6, 7, 8) 
410-825-6202 x 1655