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Campus Ministry

One of three branches of Religious Studies Department, Notre Dame Prep’s Campus Ministry program stresses the development of personal and communal spirituality and an informed conscience.  Students in Campus Ministry plan and prepare class retreats, liturgies and prayer services. Incorporating a spiritual theme into each service, the group leads the Notre Dame community toward a stronger faith.

  • Class retreats: Each year all grades participate in age-appropriate retreats which focus on spirituality and personal growth within the context of a faith community. For instance, the Grade 8 retreat encourages students to reflect on their own unique gifts and how they can use them to transform the world; Freshman Retreat focuses on class connections; and Senior Retreat gathers the senior class for one last time  before they graduate and leave the NDP community.
  • Liturgies: The entire school comes together to pray and receive Communion at liturgies, which are held before special occasions and on Holy Days. At the annual Christmas liturgy, the NDP community welcomes back recent alumnae who celebrate with former teachers and younger friends. Another special liturgy, the Senior Farewell Liturgy, honors the departing twelfth graders. At the Jubilarian and Foundation Day Liturgy, held during alumnae weekend, the community celebrates and blesses 50-year alumnae celebrants. At Thanksgiving Liturgy, the NDP community extends special blessings as it commissions seniors for their service projects.
  • Prayer Services: Regular prayer services, such as during Advent and Lent, bring together the community for purposeful reflection.  Each Ash Wednesday, for instance, the school comes together to prepare for the Lenten season.  Students and faculty give ashes to each other symbolizing a shared faith.
"NDP has changed me spiritually because of our religion classes. Journaling and praying every class is very nice."
"I have grown to realize that there is always more than one way to look at a situation and always something more that can be done to help."
"My Catholic education and the general attitude of the NDP community have taught me to be more understanding, respectful and loving to others.  It’s the people here who have taught me to be a better person."